Using Booking Links for internal scheduling




If you would like to use AppointmentCore to improve and enhance your internal scheduling process, you can use Booking Links to schedule appointments internally for your customers—whether they call you on the phone to schedule an appointment, or whether they come into the office, gym, or conference and ask to book an appointment or class with you.

Simply use the Booking Links that you create, and provide them to your team members to use when scheduling appointments for their customers. You can customize the booking page to include detailed instructions for your team when taking appointments, and use the redirect to send your team member to an invoicing page to complete the transaction, or to an internal webform that your team members complete after each call or transaction.

Your team members can log into AppointmentCore to view their schedule and Manage their Appointments. If you prefer that your internal schedulers not have internal access to AppointmentCore, you can provide them with only Booking Link URLs, and access to view a “Share Only” Google Calendar.

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