Gather Information: Existing Contact/Customer - From List




If you will be sending this particular Booking Link in your Infusionsoft emails to customers that already have a contact record in Infusionsoft, or if you are directing your customers to the Booking Link after they fill out one of your Infusionsoft webforms, select “Existing Customer-From List” from the dropdown menu. Then, when a customer clicks on the link in your Infusionsoft email, or fills out your webform, AppointmentCore will recognize which customer is scheduling an appointment, and your customer will not need to fill out any additional information. They will simply select a time that works for them, and their booking will be complete.

Note:  If you have “Existing Customer-From List” selected, and a NEW customer clicks on your Booking Link, they will still be asked for First Name, Last Name, and Email Address, and a new Infusionsoft contact record will still be created for that customer.  

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