Gather Information: New contact/customer - Require Form




Gather Information (New User, Existing User)

You can select what information you wish to gather from your customer by checking the boxes next to the details you’d like your customers to input when scheduling their appointment. This information will appear in the confirmation emails and in the calendar event [show both]. If you are sending this Booking link to new prospects or customers, select “New Customer - Require Form” from the dropdown menu. When that customer schedules with you, an Infusionsoft contact record will automatically be created and added to your Infusionsoft account for easy tracking. You can then apply tags to that customer for tracking and automation in Infusionsoft. Note that if this Booking Link is used by customer for which you already have an Infusionsoft contact record, it will update the contact record with the information provided when they schedule the appointment. However, if the customer uses a different email address than the one specified in their Infusionsoft contact record, Infusionsoft will create a new, separate contact record for that customer. If this happens, you may need to locate both records and merge the two together to keep your customer records clean.

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