Using cancel/reschedule links in Infusionsoft template emails

Allow your customers to cancel or reschedule appointments online

If you'd like to allow your prospects or customers to cancel and reschedule their appointments, you can include a link in their confirmation and reminder emails with the option to change or cancel their appointment.

To allow your customers to cancel or reschedule their appointments:

1. In your scheduling link setup, choose the Allow Cancel/Reschedule option, or map the Cancel/Reschedule Link to an Infusionsoft custom field and add the merge field into your Infusionsoft campaign confirmation and reminder emails;  

2. When someone schedules an appointment with you, they will receive a confirmation email with a link to cancel or reschedule their appointment; 

3. The link lists all of the customer's scheduled appointments, with a cancel and a reschedule option. Clicking on the cancel button will remove the appointment from your calendar and stop any future reminder notifications. Clicking on the reschedule button will cancel the previous appointment, and then redirect the customer to the original scheduling link page to choose another appointment time. 

4. The customer will receive a new confirmation email with the updated appointment information. 


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