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You have the ability to customize each Booking Link to match your brand, include instructions for your customers when scheduling , and redirect the customer to a custom confirmation page or back to your website.

In the fourth step of the Booking Link setup, Save/Publish/Share, click “Customize” to bring up the options for your Booking Link. If your company uses General, company-wide settings to customize your team’s booking links, these can be set up in the Admin Settings under Company Settings. If you wish to use your Company-wide settings for this particular Booking Link, choose “General Company-Wide Settings” from the dropdown menu. These settings will be displayed below, and cannot be edited.

If you wish to change your customization settings for this particular Booking Link, choose “Custom Settings” from the dropdown menu. You can customize the header, footer, and confirmation message of your Booking Link using basic HTML and CSS styling. The confirmation message appears after your customer has scheduled with you.

To redirect your customers to a personalized confirmation page or back to your website after a customer finishes scheduling their appointment, enter the URL of the page that you’d like to send the customer to into the box below. After your customer submits his appointment, he is immediately redirected to this URL.


On the last page of the booking link setup there is a "customize" button

When you click on that you will see a field for Redirect URL 

This is where you can place the URL of your thank you page that you want people to be directed to. 

Note: you can also set a Redirect URL / Custom Thank You page at the account level by going into My Account Settings & Extensions Tab > Company Settings > Redirect URL.Company_level_thank_you_page.png

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