Choosing your Booking Link View Type



You and your customers have four different view types to choose from; you are able to select which view you would like your customers to see by default by selecting the type from the dropdown menu. Clicking the “preview” button will also allow you to preview your Booking Link, to see which type you prefer. There are two view types that are fully responsive for mobile and tablet viewing—List view, and Compact List view, which displays the monthly calendar to the left of the available time slots.

The other two view types display the available time slots directly on the calendar, by Week, or by Day. However, these two view types are currently not responsive for mobile and tablet use. We are working to create additional responsive view types for an upcoming release.  

Note: Sometimes, viewing Booking Links on a browser set to less than 100% Zoom Percentage may cause time slots to not appear properly on Week view. You may need to alert customers to this fact if they cannot see any available time slots.

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