Turn off automatic (ApptCore) email notifications for this Booking Link




Turn off email notifications for this request

When someone schedules with you, AppointmentCore automatically sends you and your customers a confirmation email containing the appointment details. These are generated directly by AppointmentCore and cannot be edited by users. If you’d like to fully customize your confirmation emails, you can do this either by creating an automated email reminder to be sent immediately after someone schedules with you, or triggering your own customize email in Infusionsoft by applying a tag each time a customer schedules with you.

Because you are able to create your own, custom confirmation emails, you can turn off AppointmentCore emails for each particular Booking Link. In the third step of the Booking Link setup, choose “Additional/Advanced Infusionsoft Options” and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the check-box next to “Turn off automatic email confirmations for this Appointment Request” and choose whether you would like to turn off automatic email notifications for you and your team, or your customers. Remember that you should ensure that your customers receive some notification of a successfully scheduled about by creating and sending your own confirmation notifications.

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