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AppointmentCore’s Infusionsoft integration also allows you to add appointment details such as date, time, and instructions to Infusionsoft custom fields, so you can use them in your template emails and campaigns. In the third step of the Booking Link Setup, click on “Additional/Advanced Infusionsoft Options”. There is a notification stating that this feature is an advanced Infusionsoft feature that requires familiarity with their program to function properly. Because Infusionsoft custom fields can only contain one set of appointment data at a time, these custom fields will only reflect the information of the most recently scheduled appointment. If a customer schedules another appointment using this particular Booking Link, then the custom fields are updated to the most currently booking information. Therefore, if your customers schedule multiple meetings with the same Link in a short period of time, only set of appointment details can be used in your campaign emails. This is an Infusionsoft limitation, and we are working on ways to improve this functionality for a future update. Once you’ve read this limitation notification, click “Ok, I agree” to continue.

You can add the appointment date and time to Infusionsoft custom fields by selecting an existing Custom Field that you would like to use, or creating a new custom field to hold these details. Under additional options, you also have the ability to add the appointment details & instructions into an Infusionsoft custom field as well. Once you’re finished selecting the custom fields that you’d like the information added to, click “Continue to Next Step” to save your changes.

When a customer schedules with you, their appointment information will now appear in their Contact Record under the Custom Fields tab. You can then use these custom fields as merge fields in your Infusionsoft emails that you send to your customers.


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