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How to create and send automated text message reminders

To create personalized text messages to send to you and your customers, so that a reminder comes straight to their phone, first select “Mobile Phone” as a required field under the Gather Information step of the Booking Link Setup. This will ask your customers for their mobile phone number when booking, so that text messages can be sent out. If you use our Infusionsoft integration, this number will also be added to the customer’s contact record. Note that text messaging must be enabled by an account Admin in the Extensions tab of the Account Settings menu.

Under Type of Event, choose Send text message, and then choose whether you’d like to send the text to you or your customer. If you’d like to send both a text to you AND your customer, you can create two separate text reminders. choose when you would like to have the text message sent out BEFORE the event, AFTER the event, or some time after the person SCHEDULES, and then customize your text using the window below. To insert particular details about the appointment, such as date, time, the customer’s name, and any instructions, you can choose from the preset Merge Fields below, and add them to the text message. When a customer schedules with you, the merge field text will reflect the details of the booked appointment.  

With our new, robust text messaging system, your customers can now reply to automated text reminders and have their replies sent directly to your phone.  Just require “mobile number” as a required field in Gather Information, and your texts will be sent to the number specified.  If a customer replies, it will go directly to your cell phone.

AppointmentCore now supports international text messaging to your customers to 196 countries around the world. You can enable this feature in your Settings.  Simply have your customers input their mobile phone number with the appropriate country code, and your international text reminders will be sent at the time you choose.  

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