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How to create and send customized confirmation and reminder emails

To create personalized confirmation emails to send to your customers when they schedule with you, or send your customers reminder emails to reduce no-shows, click on “Create New TIMER event in the 3rd step of the Booking Link setup.

Under Type of Event, choose “Send email” and then choose whether you would like the email to go to your customer, or whether you would like the email to be sent to you. If you’d like emails to be sent to both you and your customer, you can create two separate email reminders. Then, choose when you would like the email to be sent. You can choose any combination of days, hours, or minutes before the scheduled event, as an email reminder, after the scheduled event, as a followup email, or after the person schedules, to send them a confirmation email after booking.

Enter the subject of your email, and then customize your message in the space below. To insert particular details about the appointment, such as date, time, the customer’s name, and any instructions, you can choose from the preset Merge Fields below, and add them to the email. When a customer schedules with you, the merge field will reflect the details of the booked appointment. If you’d like to test your email, you can view the preview button at the top right, or use the “Test” feature to send a sample email.


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