How to use Team Availability/Rotate feature



With Team attendance/rotation, you’re able to rotate the availability of your team members (for multiple sales reps, consultants, doctors, lawyers, instructors, etc).

By default, you are the only one included on the request. Always start by deleting "Me" by clicking the 'X":

Click Add another person and choose the User you want to include in the configuration:

Choose the user you’d like to add from the dropdown.

Then, you’ll choose from 3 options of how this user/configuration should be included.

Is required and must attend: This means all required users Must be available (only times where all required users are available will show on the scheduling page)

Is one of the people in rotation (only one will attend)

For example, Samantha, Benji, and I are Sales People, Fitness Trainers, or Lawyers In Rotation. This allows your customers to book a time they choose and is assigned to one (and only one) of these users.

Is not required to attend, but will receive invitation if available

For example, if I am meeting with someone, and want Benji to be invited if available. Someone can still book if Benji is not available, but if he is available, he will receive an invite to come too.

Continue to Add Users until you have configured it the way you want, making sure to select the correct Option for each User included.

Have a scenario you'd like to set up but are having trouble?  Let us know and we'd be happy to help!

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