How do I accept payments through AppointmentCore (using Stripe)?

We have recently integrated with Stripe to offer our customers the ability to seamlessly accept payments for their appointments, consultations, classes, etc.  Stripe is a robust payments platform that instantly enables businesses to accept and manage their online payments. 

Setting up your Stripe Account with AppointmentCore:

For Admins:  To enable payments with Stripe, go to the "Extensions" section of the "Settings" tab:

Next, login using your Stripe credentials:

Once you've got your Stripe account linked, you can begin accepting payments with AppointmentCore!

To accept payments for an individual appointment request:

To charge for a particular appointment (e.g., class, consulting session, prepay, etc), simply enter the amount you'd like to collect from your customer in Step 3 of the appointment request setup:


That's it! When your customers book their appointment with you, they'll be asked to input their payment information and complete the purchase before their appointment is booked: 


Using Stripe with AppointmentCore to track and manage your appointments and payments:

With Stripe, you're able to track and manage your appointments and payments, look up appointment details, and issue partial/full refunds (if necessary):

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