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03/10/2019 Update - here's how you can connect your Zoom Account to your Appointmentcore account. 

Recently there was a change and the regular API key and secret from your zoom account settings didn't work, so you first need to go to zoom for developers and get the API key and secret from there. 

Please watch the video below for detailed explanation. 


To connect to a Pro Account to AppointmentCore:

Log into AppointmentCore as an “Admin”.  Then:

--> Click on “Account Settings & Extensions” on the top menu.

--> Then click on the “Extensions” tab on the left menu.

--> In the Zoom Section, turn Zoom “On”

--> Then, you will need to click on the Zoom “Settings” link, now you will need to log into your Pro Account to get the unique Rest API Key and Secret.

--> Log into your Pro Account and scroll down and click "Zoom for Developers" in the "Advanced" section on the left menu.

--> This will take you to .  Now click on "Sign In" (top menu). You will be asked to "Agree with the Terms", "Done".   Now you can click on "Manage" (top menu).

--> Now click on "Create Apps" (left menu).  Now go to the "Develop" drop down (top menu) and choose "Build App".

--> In the "App Name" field, type in "Integration with AppointmentCore".  Turn OFF "Intend to publish this app in the Zoom Marketplace.  In the "Choose app type" section, below the "Account-level app", Choose authentication type: Choose "JWT API Credentials". Then press "Create" below.

--> In the Form that comes up, enter in "AppointmentCore" in the "Company Name" field.  Your Name in the "Name" field, and your Email Address in the "Email Address" field.  Then click the "Continue" button below.

--> It will take you to the "App Credentials" page:  Copy the "API Key" and go back to AppointmentCore and Paste the "API Key" into the top field.  Then go back to Zoom and copy the "API Secret" and go back to AppointmenCore and paste it into the "API Secret" field. Then Click "Save".

--> Now your account is connected to AppointmentCore.

--> Now in AppointmentCore go to "My Extensions", lower left menu.  In the ZOOM Section you will see a drop-down menu. Select your account from the Drop Down. Now this AppointmentCore User will be able to choose to "automatically create Meeting Invitation", as a "Meeting Type".

--> If you have additional Users in AppointmentCore that also have a Account in "Your Account", (we only allow connecting to a single main Pro Account), they will be able to select their Account on the "My Extensions" Page in Their User Account by selecting their account from the “ZOOM” drop-down menu.

--> Now then you will be able to choose "Automatically Setup Invitation" as the "location/Instructions: Meeting Type on the 1st Step of a Booking Link.   Then a Meeting Link will be generated for each Meeting Scheduled.





Admin Setup:

Our integration allows you and your team to instantly schedule video conference calls, meetings, consultations, and more. When a customer schedules with you, AppointmentCore will send your customer a confirmation email including the Zoom instructions. The Zoom instructions will also be included in your calendar event’s details.

To connect Zoom, click on Account Settings & Extensions, then click on the “Extensions” tab on the left. Selecting “On” will allow all other users to connect to their individual Zoom Accounts. Then, you will need to click on the Zoom “Settings” button, and connect to Zoom via your unique API Key and Password, which can be found within the Advanced>>Zoom for Developers page. > Zoom API > click on the Credential tab > enable API.  <Screen Shot>    Once entered, you will be able to select which user to connect as your admin.  Individual users can connect their own accounts using the instructions below.

Note that because a shared company account can only host (1) one Zoom meeting at a time, each team member will need their own Zoom user account if you want to run multiple simultaneous meetings.


User Setup:

If you use Zoom to schedule video conferences with prospects or team members, you can link your Zoom account with AppointmentCore under My Extensions. If you have your own Zoom account, connect using your account email and password.  Note that your Admin needs to connect the company Zoom account for this option to work.

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