New Features - Fix Your Funnel

We built this new integration to leverage the power of Fix Your Funnel, a leader in automated text messages for Infusionsoft, so that you can enhance how you've utilized text messaging into your automated scheduling process. With this integration, you get a dedicated local number to use within your trigger automation in AppointmentCore. This integration also gives you more options in setting up your text message reminders. You can set up your Fix Your Funnel account to allow for real time replies to any text messages you received from your prospects and clients, or you can build automated text message campaigns in Fix Your Funnel that will trigger if your prospects or clients sent you a reply to a text reminder that you sent from AppointmentCore. This is one more way to add a personal touch to your automated scheduling process. It also means you can stay in touch with your prospects and clients if they're running late or needs to cancel last minute.

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