How to change the "no available appointment slots" message

When someone accesses your Booking Link, but there are No available appointment slots, he or she will see this message:


If you would like to change this message, insert the script below into the Footer of the Booking Link (which you can access either by pressing the Customize button beside Preview on the last step of the Booking Link setup, Save/Publish/Share, or as Admin you can change this message for all company Booking Links by going to "account settings & extensions", top menu, then in Company Settings,  inserting this script into the Footer area, then pressing Save & Publish.

Simply type the customized message you would like to display where it says [INSERT CUSTOM MESSAGE HERE] below:

<script type="language/javascript">
//Don't edit anything below this line ///
$.fn.onAvailable = function(fn){
    var sel = this.selector;
    var timer;
    var self = this;
    if (this.length > 0) {;  
    else {
        timer = setInterval(function(){
            if ($(sel).length > 0) {

After you're finished, click "Save" at the bottom to publish changes, then test on a Booking Link with no available time slots to confirm.

The message should be changed like below:

That's it!



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