How to use iCal Calendar with AppointmentCore

This Help Center article will show you how to use AppointmentCore with iCal, so that when a customer schedules with you, AppointmentCore will check your iCal Calendar availability, and you'll be able to view scheduled appointments directly from your iCal (on a Mac, a tablet, smartphone, etc.).

AppointmentCore syncs with iCal through Google Calendar, the free online calendar system that comes with all Gmail accounts. The first thing we'll need to do is sync your iCal Calendar with a Gmail account, so it can be connected to AppointmentCore. To do this:

To import your existing iCal Calendar events to a Google Calendar account:

1. Export your iCal calendar events to your desktop:

a. In your iCal application, click on the calendar that you would like to import to Google Calendar on the left-side toolbar of iCal:

b. On the iCal toolbar at the top of your desktop, click on File, then Export, then Export again:

c. Name the calendar something like "iCal Work Calendar", and save the calendar file to your desktop:

2. Create or access your Google Calendar account:

a. Log into Google Calendar ( with your Google account information (or, with the Google account information created for you).

Note: If your admin has already created and shared a Google Calendar with your Google account for your to use, you should receive an email from your admin with instructions on adding this new calendar to your Google Account. Then it will appear on the left-hand side under My Calendars:

NOTE: To create a new Google Calendar to use with AppointmentCore:

b1. To create a new Google calendar to import your events onto, in case you want to use Google's default calendar for Personal events, birthdays, etc., click on the dropdown arrow to the right of My Calendars in Google, then click on Create new calendar:

b2. Name the calendar what you wish, then click Create Calendar. It should now appear on the left-hand menu under My calendars:


To import your iCal calendar events to Google Calendar:

1. Click on the dropdown menu beside of My Calendars on the left-hand side of Google Calendar, then click on Settings:

2. At the bottom of the page, click on Import, then select the calendar file you saved to your desktop. Then, select the Google Calendar you would like to import your iCal events onto, then click Import. You should see a confirmation message when this is complete:

3. After this is complete, check to make sure that your iCal Calendar events appear properly on your Google Calendar:


Your iCal has now been imported to Google Calendar and can be synced with AppointmentCore. Now, we must sync your Google Calendar back to iCal, so that when AppointmentCore syncs with Google Calendar, it will show back up and be reflected in your iCal application.

To sync Google Calendar with iCal:

1. Open iCal, then on the main menu, click on Calendar, then click on Accounts:

2. Click on Google, then login with your Google Calendar (or Gmail) account information:

3. On the left-hand side, where your calendars are listed, you should see your linked Google Calendars linked inside your iCal application:

Now, your Google Calendar is synced with iCal! You can use this calendar to schedule events directly onto this calendar from your iCal application. Be sure to create your events on your linked Google Calendar, and not your local iCal calendar, as those will NOT be synced with AppointmentCore!

Sync AppointmentCore with your new Google Calendar:

The last step is to sync your Google Calendar with AppointmentCore. To accomplish this:

1. Log onto with your username and password. Then go to Account Settings & Extensions, and click on My Extensions. Click on the Connect button next to Google to sync your calendar:


2. AppointmentCore will request Google to access your calendar. Click Accept, and then you will receive a confirmation message:

3. Next, click on the My Calendars tab on the left-hand side. Choose which Google Calendar or Calendars you would like AppointmentCore to check for your availability (note: checking multiple calendars for availability may cause Booking Links to load more slowly). Then, select which calendar or calendars you would like to post your appointments to (note: you can choose to also post your appointments to your Infusionsoft Calendar as well):

That's it! You're all set. Now, when you schedule appointments through AppointmentCore, they will appear on both your AppointmentCore and iCal applications.


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