Choosing which calendars affect your availability



Choosing which calendars affect your availability

You are able to choose which calendar(s) affect your availability under the My Calendars tab. Each of your synced calendars are listed, and you are able to check which you would like AppointmentCore to check when viewing your Booking Links.

For example, if you would like to sync both your work and personal calendars, so that AppointmentCore will recognize when you aren’t free to accept appointments, go to My Calendars under the Account Settings and Extensions tab and check the calendars you wish AppointmentCore to check for availability. Your changes will be saved automatically.

Note: Checking more than two calendars for availability may increase the time it takes to load your Booking Link page, as it will be checking against multiple calendars.

Note 2: If you see this error message, it is because you either do not have an online calendar connected to AppointmentCore, or you do not have any calendars checked for availability:

To resolve, please connected your online calendar, or choose at least one calendar for availability.

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