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Setting up Admin Extensions

First, let’s set up your team’s Extensions so you can connect your accounts from Infusionsoft, Google Calendar, GoToMeeting, and more. Once you’re logged in, click on “Account Settings and Extensions” and then click on the “Extensions” tab. The number of Extensions that you’ll need to sync with AppointmentCore will depend on how you plan to schedule and conduct your meetings.


Our GoToMeeting integration allows you and your team to instantly schedule video conference calls, meetings, consultations, and more. When a customer schedules with you, AppointmentCore will send your customer a confirmation email including the GoToMeeting instructions. The GoToMeeting instructions will also be included in your calendar event’s details 

To connect GoToMeeting, click on Account Settings & Extensions, then click on the “Extensions” tab on the left. Selecting “On” will allow all other users to connect to their individual GoToMeeting Accounts. If you would like your team to be able to use the same, shared company GoToMeeting account, click on the Authorize link and you will be redirected to the GoToMeeting login page to connect.

Note that because a shared company account can only host (1) one GoToMeeting at a time, your team will not be able to have two GoToMeetings running at the same time. To prevent this, each of your Users should have their own individual GoToMeeting account login.


Infusionsoft is a powerful CRM solution for small business. When someone schedules with you, AppointmentCore’s integration allows you to create contact records, manage your appointments, apply tags to trigger automated emails and more. To sync your Infusionsoft app with AppointmentCore, go to your Account Settings & Extensions, then click on the “Extensions” tab on the left. Next to the Infusionsoft logo, click “Settings” to enter your Infusionsoft app name. This is either a name or a 5-digit letter/number combination located in your Infusionsoft account settings. Your Infusionsoft app will now be connected, and your individual team members can log into Infusionsoft with the email and password they use to log into Infusionsoft. If your team shares the same Infusionsoft ID, each User will need to individually link their AppointmentCore accounts with Infusionsoft with the same Infusionsoft ID and password.

Google Calendar

As an AppointmentCore user, you and your team can either have your events show up on your Google Calendar, or your Infusionsoft Calendar. Your team members can also choose to have their individual Google Calendars affect their availability (for example, both a work calendar and a personal calendar). Under “Account Settings and Extensions, click on the Extensions tab and turn the switch beside Google Calendar to “on”. You and your team members can then connect your individual Google Calendars under the “My Extensions” tab.

Text Message Reminders

With AppointmentCore Text Message Reminders, you can send automated text messages to your customers or prospects to remind them of their upcoming appointment. Just tell AppointmentCore when to send a text message to your customers when setting up your Booking Link, and AppointmentCore will do the rest. Text messaging costs only $0.05 per text, and is added to your monthly bill. To enable this feature for you and your team, go to “Account Settings and Extensions” and enable Text Messaging under the Extensions tab.

Stripe Online Payments

Stripe is an online payment solution that allows you and your team to easily charge for an appointment or booking directly after your customers select a time slot that works for them [show Booking Link with Stripe popup]. Payments are then transferred directly to your bank account. We offer this integration FREE for our customers, and Stripe charges only 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. To enable Stripe for you and your team, click on My Account Settings & Extensions, and under the Extensions tab on the left, enable payments and connect your Stripe account using your business’s Stripe email login and password. You and your team will now be able to charge for their appointments. 

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