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Setting up your Calendar Settings

Choosing which calendar to sync with AppointmentCore

AppointmentCore syncs with your existing calendar to know your real-time availability and schedule events directly into your regular calendar. If you would like to schedule your appointments and bookings directly into your Infusionsoft Calendar, first make sure that your Infusionsoft account is connected under My Extensions, then click on the “My Account Settings” tab. At the bottom of your account settings, choose “Infusionsoft Calendar” from the dropdown menu asking where you’d like your events to live, or be created in. If you’ve connected your Google Calendar to AppointmentCore under My Extensions, you can choose which of your Google Calendars you would like to have your appointments “live,” or be created in, and select which of your Google Calendars you’d like to affect your availability to take appointments. Note that while you can have multiple calendars affecting your availability (such as both your company calendar and your private calendar), you can only have your events created in one individual calendar. To allow team members to see your booked appointments, simply share that individual calendar with your admin in your Google Calendar settings. This way, your admin can view your entire team’s calendars directly from the calendar that they already use.

Choosing where your events should live

In your Account Settings and Extensions under My Account Settings, you are able to choose which calendar you would like your appointments to be created in. If you use Infusionsoft to track your customers and manage your leads, and you use the Infusionsoft calendar most frequently, select Infusionsoft calendar from the dropdown menu. If you view your events using Google Calendar, select “Google Calendar” from the dropdown menu and then choose which individual Google Calendar you would like your events to be created on. Again, you can only choose one calendar to have your events created on, but can share your calendar with other team members so that they can view your schedule.                                                                            

Choosing which calendars affect your availability

If you use Google Calendar, you are able to choose which of your individual calendars you would like to affect your availability. For example, if you would like to sync both your work and personal calendars, so that AppointmentCore will recognize when you aren’t free to accept appointments, go to My Account Settings under the Account Settings and Extensions tab and check the calendars you wish AppointmentCore to check for availability. Then save your changes.


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