Use case - Infusionsoft webform, then to Booking Link

Use case: 

You would like to create an Infusionsoft webform to gather information from a prospect or client, then be sent to an AppointmentCore Booking Link for scheduling after submitting the form. The Booking Link will recognize the data from the webform and schedule the appointment for that prospect or client, without having to input any additional information during the AppointmentCore Gather Information step. The customer simply selects a time slot, and the booking is complete. 


1. Create an AppointmentCore Booking Link that you will link to your Infusionsoft webform. Be sure to select "Existing Customer - From List" from the dropdown menu at the top of the 3rd step, "Gather Information, Payments, and Trigger Automation." 

Note that this solution is for only one Booking Link choice. If you wish to have your customers choose which Booking Link or service they want before being sent to the corresponding Booking Link, you may proceed to Custom Solution - Webform to Choose Service, then Booking Link

2. Create an Infusionsoft webform with the information fields your client wishes to gather from the customer. Here is a tutorial on creating an Infusionsoft webform:

3. Once your webform is complete, click on the Thank-You page tab, and choose "Web address" from the dropdown menu.

4. Then, copy and paste the AppointmentCore Booking Link into the URL field, making sure that the ?Id=~Contact.Id~ suffix is attached to the end of the URL (this ensures that AppointmentCore will recognize the information from Infusionsoft).

5. Finally, check the box to "Pass contact information along to thank-you page" and save your changes. 

6. After you're finished, test the webform. When the webform is submitted, the data should be passed along in the URL, so that when the Booking Link page appears, the customer only needs to select an open time slot and the booking is complete.

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