Setting up your AppointmentCore Admin Account - Setting up your Users





Setting up your Users

Now, let’s add the other team members that will be Users in your AppointmentCore account. To do this, log in and click on Account Settings and Extensions. Under the Users tab to the left, you will see all users on your AppointmentCore account. You can add Users to your account in two ways: First, by clicking “Add User” and inputting their login details, or by clicking on “Copy Users from Infusionsoft,” which will allow you to select Users from the list of team members linked to your Infusionsoft App. The maximum number of Users you can create depends on your subscription level ; if you require additional Users, just send us an email at and we can upgrade your account. As an Admin, you can edit individual User login information such as email addresses and passwords, or make a particular User an additional Admin on the account. You can also delete a particular user HERE. When you add a new User, they will receive an email with their login details and instructions on how to setup their account.

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