Apply tags (upon booking, cancel, reschedule)



With AppointmentCore’s Infusionsoft integration, you’re able to automatically apply tags to the customer’s contact record when they schedule with you. This tag can be tracked in Infusionsoft, and can be used in Infusionsoft campaigns to trigger emails, change opportunity stages, create tasks, and more. Once you’ve linked your Infusionsoft Account to AppointmentCore, you can choose which tags to apply for each Booking Link in the 3rd Step of the Booking Link setup. Select a tag from one of your existing categories in Infusionsoft, or create a new tag to apply. When a customer schedules with you, AppointmentCore will automatically add that tag to the customers Contact Record in Infusionsoft.

This tag can then be used in Infusionsoft campaigns to trigger emails and other actions. In the campaign builder, drag the “Indicate Interest” goal to the builder, and click on the bottom left-hand corner. Set the goal to “Applies a Tag” and then save your changes.  Next, click and drag a “Sequence” goal to the campaign and connect the two with an arrow. Double-click on the sequence icon to add actions. You can send automated emails or voicemails, or trigger actions in Infusionsoft such as applying notes, creating tasks and opportunities, or assigning a contact to a particular owner. For more information, please check out our other Infusionsoft Integration videos or visit the Infusionsoft Help Center.  

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