How to set your availability ("When/what hours can someone book this type of appointment?")




How to set your availability

With AppointmentCore, your availability can be fully customized to fit your busy schedule. In the second step of the Booking Link setup under Set Availability, you can choose the times that you are available for this type of appointment. It is important to set your availability for each Booking Link, so that AppointmentCore knows the times to check whether you’re available. If you do not set any availability, AppointmentCore cannot create any open time slots, and your Booking Link will not work.

If you have general office hours or set times every week that you’re available for this type of appointment, use our Weekly Availability Tool to easily set your weekly schedule.  This will be repeated each week. Click and drag the time windows to create your weekly schedule to your liking. By default, appointments are set from 9am-6pm, Monday through Friday.

If your availability changes from week to week, or you’re hosting classes/events with specific dates or date ranges, you can create Availability Rules for custom availability.  For each rule, you can select an available date range (from June 12 to July 1, or on particular individual dates), set up a repeat/recurring availability schedule (every other week, every 3rd Thursday of the month, etc.), or a combination of both (two days a week every other week, then on individual dates other weeks, etc.).

To exclude particular times/dates from your availability, you can either create Exclude Availability Rules using the Advanced Availability Tool below, or simply mark those events as busy on your Google or Infusionsoft calendar, so that AppointmentCore knows that you’re unavailable at that time. This will prevent any double-bookings.

Note 2: If you see this error message, it is because you either do not have an online calendar connected to AppointmentCore, or you do not have any calendars checked for availability:

To resolve, please connected your online calendar, or choose at least one calendar for availability.

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