Internal cancel/reschedule appointments for team members




If you’d like your team to be able to easily cancel and reschedule appointments for your customers, you can set this up in Step 2 of the Booking Link setup by enabling the cancel/reschedule feature. Then, when a customer schedules with them, your team members can either delete the event from the AppointmentCore calendar, and then reschedule the appointment for the customer, or use the cancel/reschedule link located in the confirmation email to cancel or reschedule that customer’s appointment. These are the BEST practices for canceling and rescheduling appointments, as it ensures that all calendar events are removed or updated, and that all automated email triggers are updated in AppointmentCore.


Note that simply deleting an event from your linked calendar will NOT effectively remove the appointment from the AppointmentCore system—all automated reminder and followup sequences will continue, and you and your customers could continue to receive emails from a canceled appointment. Thus, it is recommended that you use the cancel/reschedule feature to effectively change appointments.


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