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Admin Setup:

 User Setup:



 Admin Setup:

Our GoToMeeting integration allows you and your team to instantly schedule video conference calls, meetings, consultations, and more. When a customer schedules with you, AppointmentCore will send your customer a confirmation email including the GoToMeeting instructions. The GoToMeeting instructions will also be included in your calendar event’s details.

To connect GoToMeeting, click on Account Settings & Extensions, then click on the “Extensions” tab on the left. Selecting “On” will allow all other users to connect to their individual GoToMeeting Accounts. If you would like your team to be able to use the same, shared company GoToMeeting account, click on the Authorize link and you will be redirected to the GoToMeeting login page to connect.

Note that because a shared company account can only host (1) one GoToMeeting at a time, your team will not be able to have two GoToMeetings running at the same time. To prevent this, each of your Users should have their own individual GoToMeeting account login.

User Setup:

If you use GoToMeeting to schedule video conferences with prospects or team members, you can link your GoToMeeting account with AppointmentCore under My Extensions. If you have your own GoToMeeting account, connect using your account email and password, or if you share a company GoToMeeting account, simply select “Use Company Account.” Note that your Admin needs to connect the company GoToMeeting account for this option to work.


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