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This video will demonstrate how to include cancel/reschedule links in your Infusionsoft campaign emails so that your customers can easily cancel or reschedule an appointment.

The first step is to have your confirmation emails sent from Infusionsoft when a person schedules with you by adding a tag to the contact record which will trigger the email. This can be done in the 3rd step of the booking process under “Gather Information, Payments, and Trigger Automation.” Select the tag or create your own, then click “Continue to Next Step” to save your changes.

Here is a simple example of a campaign that will trigger confirmation emails. In consists of a “Tag Applied” goal that is achieved when your customer books with you, a Sequence that removes the original tag so that it can be reapplied when someone reschedules, trigger the confirmation email, and a “Clicked Cancel” exit goal so that when a customer cancels with you, you can apply a tag to stop further automation.

In the confirmation email, simply paste this URL into the email, or create a link that your customers can click:

Once you’re finished, go back to the campaign and publish your changes.

When your customer receives a confirmation email, it will include a link that will allow them to cancel or reschedule their appointments. If the customer reschedules with you, they will receive a new confirmation email with the updated appointment information.
Using appointment information in Infusionsoft custom fields for use in template emails.

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