How do I set up my User/Calendar settings?

This article will show you how to set up your AppointmentCore User and Calendar settings.  

To begin, be sure and connect your Infusionsoft account and/or Google Calendar to your AppointmentCore account by clicking "My Extensions" in the "Settings" tab. 

Next, click on "My Account Settings" under the "Settings" tab in your AppointmentCore application.  You can then input your user information, choose your time zone and choose in which calendar you'd like your appointments to live.

If you choose to have your appointments live in your Google Calendar, you can choose which calendar you'd like your appointments to show up in.  You should then select which calendars affect your availability (personal, work, etc.).  Simply check the boxes of which calendars you'd like to use.

Once you're finished, click "Save and Publish" to apply the change to your account.  You're all set!



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